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Royale888 is an online entertainment brand, focused primarily on offering casino gaming products and services Asia Pacific markets. At Royale888, we have a simple vision to provide customers with gaming entertainment of premium quality and at exceptionally good value. We are committed to providing you with gaming products that is industry leading.
Our products, together with our unbeatable promotions and support staff, ensure that by playing at Royale888, you are guaranteed the best gaming experience possible.
Royale888 is registered with license from Cagayan Economic Zone Authority, is one of Asia's leading casino gaming. With staff of over one hundred, we aim to appeal to all player types offering a quality internet casino gaming experience with industry-leading variety, impeccable game integrity, and spectacular, richly themed graphics.
Royale888 provide customers with a wide range of betting opportunities with all sports covered. From football, horse racing, tennis, cricket, basketball, and etc. An extensive range of markets is available on every sport with betting offered both pre-match and In-Play, where customers can bet as the action unfolds.
Responsible Gambling
It is against the law for those under 18 to gamble and Royale888 takes its responsibilities in this regard very seriously. We carry out electronic age verification checks on customers who use payment mechanisms that we know can be used by children. In addition, we carry out age checks on a random selection of all other customers regardless of the method of payment. Anyone under the age of 18 found to be using the site will have any winnings forfeited and will also be reported to the police. All our Customer Service staff received awareness training on problem gambling issues.
Problem On Gambling Questionnaire
If you are concerned that gambling may have taken over your (or someone else's) life then the following questions may help you find out:
1, Do you stay away from work, college or school to gamble?
2, Do you gamble to escape from a boring or unhappy life?
3, When gambling and you run out of money, do you feel lost and in despair and need to gamble again as soon as possible?
4, Do you gamble until your last penny is gone, even the fare home or the cost of a cup of tea?
5, Have you ever lied to cover up the amount of money or time you have spent gambling?
6, Have others ever criticised your gambling?
7, Have you lost interest in your family, friends or hobbies?
8, After losing, do you feel you must try and win back your losses as soon as possible?
9, Do arguments, frustrations or disappointments make you want to gamble?
10, Do you feel depressed or even suicidal because of your gambling?
The more you answer 'yes' to these questions, the more likely you are to have a serious gambling problem. To speak to someone about this contact the GamCare confidential helpline on 0845 6000 133 or visit their website at Gamcare for further information.
Parental Controls
There are a number of third party applications that parents/guardians can utilize for monitoring or restriction of their computer access to the Internet:
NetNanny filtering software protects children from inappropriate web content: NetNanny
CYBERsitter filtering software allows parents to add sites for blocking: CYBERsitter
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